TaskRabbit Review: Can You Really Make $60 an Hour?

Is TaskRabbit a Scam?

With 2011 having just begun, I’ve been reflecting upon the year that has past and what the future beckons. One thing is for sure, this year ahead sees me doing lots of travel, as well as much more work on my websites! From previous experiences of working and traveling at the same time, I know only too well how important it is be able to balance the two. It can be hard sometimes Is TaskRabbit legit. If you travel too much, you might not do enough work and therefore not earn enough money to continue with your travels. Equally, if you work too much you’ll burn yourself out, and not actually do much of the travel which you left for in the first place! So are there things you can do to balance both work and travel? Are there any practical steps we can put in place in order to help balance the two, and get the best of both worlds?

Set yourself a schedule with TaskRabbit

One thing I found that really helps is to give yourself a basic schedule. Set yourself a set amount of hours to work each day, giving yourself days off too to relax and/or do some traveling, see the sights, visit some attractions etc. With me personally, I tend to split my hours, doing half during the day (leaving me the other half of the day to do some daytime travel stuff), and then finishing off in the evening (leaving me the night to go out if I want). Obviously if things come up then I can reshuffle, and do it all in the morning or late into the evening, but generally that’s what I stick to and what works for me to allow travel and work to go smoothly. On average I probably do about 4 or 5 hours each working day, but sometimes that is less or more depending on whether it’s a busy period or not. The most important thing however is to find what works for you. Everybody is different, and it will also depend on the type of work you do.

If you really want to do something, just do it!

Unless you are about to close down a deal that could land you thousands of dollars, or you’re about to land a big contract with a company etc, then if there is something you want to do, or a place you want to go, but can’t because you are working, then just put work aside for a while and go! If you are cooped up working while all your hostel buddies are out there having a good time, or there is a one time only thing that you will miss out on because you are working, it’s only going to make you feel miserable if you stay in, and possibly affect the standard of your work. In these instances, re-schedule the work you are doing for another time. Of course, this is only recommended for the things you reeeeaaaally want to do that you can’t do any other time, and also when you don’t have any work stuff which is urgent or have a deadline that you need to meet! If you were to just stop working anytime something good came up to do, then you’re life as a digital nomad wouldn’t last long!

Carry a smart phone and use TaskRabbit

Smart phones are great for checking/replying to emails, checking website stats, and updating social network profiles on the run. Any small tasks which involve the internet, can usually be done on the hop with a smart phone. So for instance, if you are on you’re out on a sight seeing tour, your out crawling a local market stall, or you’re touring the museums of a famous city, it doesn’t really matter where or what you are doing in most cases, as you can usually do all the simple tasks (and even some more time complicated ones) while you are out on your smart phone!

Make your time more efficient

Sometimes eagerness for your work can sometimes mean that you actually spend much more time on it than you need to. For instance, do you really need to check your email 6, or 7 times over one day? Do you need to check your website stats that often too? Social Media, although an important part of any online business, is something which can also be easily over used. Try not to sit in front of your computer all day unless you have to. Use your time well. Make everytime you sit down at your computer a time for work, and a time for doing necessary tasks. If you have to wait by the computer for an important email, then use the spare time to write up articles for your blog in advance, or do some research for that new website you were thinking of developing, or work on your link building etc. Using your time efficiently can mean that all the time you spend working will be your most productive, and you’ll also find that you are usually left with more hours to spend enjoying the sights.

Double up work with play while using TaskRabbit

This will depend on what type of business, or location independent lifestyle you have, but if your work travel related in some way then you could easily double up work and travel at the same time. For instance, if you are a freelance photographer or running an independent travel blog or publication, then you will need travel photos! Technically, by going out and taking pictures while you are sight seeing, you are building up a portfolio of pics that you can use in your work. Equally, if you are an illustrator, or any other kind of designer, you will usually find that getting out and about and sketching or taking photographs is an integral part of the research process. The same goes for writing about the local food, culture, attractions etc. If you are going to write about something then you have to have experienced it. Do all the things you would normally on your travels, but see them as a research trip. Take notes, photographs, sketches. Find out about the local culture, history, and heritage. Mix with other people, and business people even, if there is the opportunity where you are . Pass your business card around if you come by anyone who may be able to give you work. Or just take your laptop out and work by the beach! There are always opportunities as a digital nomad to combine work and play sometimes. Aside from being an enjoyable way to work sometimes, it can also be a great way of balancing both work and travel.